David McIvor (Ph.D) is a highly experienced and practical Work Safety consultant who also delivers dynamic and entertaining Work Safety presentations and training programs.

David can tailor make programs and presentations to suit the culture, circumstances and requirements of your organisation.

David has designed – from the ground up – work safety programs for clients as diverse as the Australian Defence Organisation, Telstra, Royal Australian Air Force, the Victorian Congress of Employer Associations, Thales – and many more.

He also has a range of previously developed presentations that can be adapted to the requirements of client organisations as appropriate. Some of these are described below.

Current presentations and training programs include:

Flexible working arrangements and Work Safety

Work can be done anywhere a person has a smart phone or tablet and access to the internet. No longer do many aspects of work need to a central workplace. This presents significant challenges for those charged with the responsibility of providing and maintaining healthy and safe workplaces for workers. There are some important implications for work safety in this paradigm shift in work. Dr David McIvor (The Work Safety Speaker) is doing work safety differently.

HSE – Making it MY business

Have you been conducting work safety programs for some time and the messages are just not getting through? Would you like your people to make Work Safety their business and not leave it up to someone else? Then this new generation work safety program may be right for you. The program links work safety with values, culture, leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict management, communication skills, safe behaviours and many other factors.

The 2-sided triangle

David talks about how work safety – the third side of the triangle – can be the “window to your organisation”. This can pinpoint other opportunities to improve overall organisation functioning. Work Safety can become the ‘glue’ that binds the organisation together.

Work Safety & industrial relations – the hidden agenda

Just because someone says an issue is work safety doesn’t mean it is! So how to separate the ‘real’ work safety issues from those that are not? These are the types of issues that can fester away and lead to problems associated with moral, productivity and other workplace (industrial) relations issues. David is doing work safety differently and offers his two important rules for work safety.

Work Safety is like a bicycle

Work Safety can be likened to a bicycle! How so? Well, a bicycle is a vehicle for moving people. So too is Work Safety. A bicycle has 2 wheels – there are two main components to Work Safety. See how this all fits together in a new and novel way of describing Work Safety.

Work Safety – how 6 = 9

Work Safety is a very personal issue. People will have different perceptions, expectations, beliefs and understandings about Work Safety. We need to take these into account when trying to reach some common ground about Work Safety issues and what to do about them.

Work Safety – why bother?

We all know Work Safety is important, right! But what makes it important? There are many justifications for Work Safety, ranging from the personal to some hard-edged business ones

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