David McIvor (Ph.D) is a highly experienced and practical Work Safety consultant who also delivers dynamic and entertaining Work Safety presentations and training programs.

He is a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), a Chartered Professional Member of the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) and a Member of Professional Speakers Australia (PSA).

Simon Sinek says start with your WHY. My WHY is that I believe everyone should be able to finish their day’s work in a healthy and safe condition – wherever the work is being done.

My HOW is that I do work safety differently.

Work is something we do – not just a place we go. Work safety is not just about laws and policies and procedures – it’s about people. The ‘old tried and true’ approaches don’t work anymore (if they ever did!).

My WHAT is that I see work safety as a journey. I help people navigate that journey, to understand and hopefully accept the ‘why’.

How David became a presenter and trainer

David McIvor started his training career as a professional SCUBA instructor. After forming his own SCUBA instruction company, he was appointed National Examiner of Australia’s Instructor federation and as such, one of only three CMAS (World Underwater Federation) 4 Star Instructors in Australia.

He has been instructing, training, mentoring and consulting ever since.

He formed Occupational Safety and Health Associates (‘OSHA Australia’) in 1983 and later MacIvor Gan International Pty Limited.

He has been providing on-site work safety and risk management consulting services for over 30 years. David doesn’t just talk about Work Safety – he does it! Clients include many Australian and international companies, in many different countries. He has experience in manufacturing, transport & logistics, chemicals, construction, utilities – and many more sectors. This work has included conducting Work Safety training programs and speaking at safety conferences, company safety events and front-line safety meetings. David knows how to make the Work Safety messages energising, empowering – and fun!

When you retain David McIvor for your work safety presentations, you’re not just buying a talk. You’re partnering with someone who has decades of practical experience and who will work with you to complement your existing work safety program. You will improve worker buy-in and develop ownership of safety, personal leadership skills and a Total Work Safety Culture.

Clients have come from across Australia and around the world – New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil. They choose David McIvor because of the breadth of his experience and his practical and effective approach. Whether speaking to an audience of senior managers (and directors), line managers or front-line workers, David makes his presentations relevant and meaningful.

Here is what some people say about their experiences of working with David McIvor:

‘I have worked with David for many years in Australia, UK, Canada, USA and Brazil. He is a trusted associate who combines technical expertise with a remarkable ability to introduce systems and training to help ensure employees create and sustain safe and healthy work places.’

John Kumnick, Managing Director, JKS Consulting Pty Ltd

‘David’s approach to health and safety training is the most effective that I have experienced. He helped our people explore the behaviors that ultimately lead to unsafe acts. The course work was entertaining and thought provoking.’

Tom Lyons Vice President, Nufarm Limited North Americas Operations

‘I highly recommend David – he is professional, respectful, thorough and passionate about what he does. My brother was killed in an industrial accident 35 years ago. If only people like David and his team were around then!’

Wayne Enright, Free Spirit Adventures / Healthy Teams
‘David has worked … in the UK, Brazil, Canada and throughout Australia. He has a unique approach to HSE in that he does not simply lecture but engages the workforce completely with his ability to involve and captivate the audience. People come away truly believing that they can “make a difference”. This has been successful across continents and different languages and cultures. He is passionate, knowledgeable and highly respected.’
Mick Lunn, Group Manager HSE Nufarm Ltd
David McIvor

And participants in our training programs say:

  • We were highly active and involved
  • Possibly the best course I have ever attended (and this from a teacher!)
  • I learned a great deal
  • I thought it was going to be dry and boring, but I had lot’s of fun and I learnt so much!
  • A better understanding of what to do and how to do it
  • A very enjoyable and worthwhile course
  • We had fun – and we learnt a lot.
  • The best trainer I have had the pleasure of being trained by
  • Great atmosphere for learning and having fun at the same time
  • David did a great job getting an important message out to everyone in the room and did it with the perfect blend of wit and humour!
  • David was dynamic, on target, and one with the audience.
  • I have been in this business for 27 years and thought I had this work safety stuff down pat. Yet I came away from David McIvor’s presentation with practical techniques that I have already begun to apply.
David McIvor

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