David McIvor (Ph.D) is a highly experienced and practical Work Safety Speaker, Consultant & Mentor who delivers dynamic and entertaining Work Safety presentations and training programs.

Some of David’s talks and training programs

Flexible working arrangements and Work Safety

HSE – Making it MY business

The 2-sided triangle

Work Safety & industrial relations – the hidden agenda

Work Safety – how 6 = 9

Work Safety is like a bicycle

What do people say

‘I have worked with David for many years in Australia, UK, Canada, USA and Brazil. He is a trusted associate who combines technical expertise with a remarkable ability … (John Kumnick)’ – Read More

‘David’s approach to health and safety training is the most effective that I have experienced. (Tom Lyons)’ – Read More

‘David has a unique approach to HSE in that he does not simply lecture but engages the workforce completely with his ability to involve and captivate the audience. People come away truly believing that they can “make a difference” (Mick Lunn)’ – Read More